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AUTHORIZATION TO INTRODUCE CANDIDATE TO PROSPECTIVE EMPLOYER(S) & HOLD HARMLESS: Candidate hereby gives Mortgage Dog, Inc. permission to present Candidate’s resume, contact information & this application for employment consideration at Prospective Employer(s). Candidate confirms Mortgage Dog, Inc. is NOT charging any up-front fees and/or placement fees directly to the Candidate for any introduction(s). Candidate also acknowledges Mortgage Dog, Inc. is NOT hiring candidate directly, and is simply introducing Candidate to Prospective Employer(s) for possible employment – like a “matchmaker”. It is Candidate’s sole responsibility to vet each Prospective Employer for such factors as, including but no limited to, company culture, employee compensation, industry reputation, hours of operation, job duties, negative reviews, etc. Candidate shall hold harmless and indemnify Mortgage Dog, Inc. and its agents, directors, officers, members, employees and/or volunteers from any and all claims, loss, damage, costs (including court costs & attorney fees), however caused, resulting from or arising out of or in any way connected to (a) Candidate's various interactions with Mortgage Dog, Inc., (b) Candidate's interactions with a Prospective Employer, (c) Candidate’s employment at a Prospective Employer and (d) any negligent act or omission performed by Candidate. Furthermore, Mortgage Dog, Inc. is simply introducing Candidate to Prospective Employer(s); therefore, once Candidate signs an Offer Letter and/or commences employment with a Prospective Employer, Candidate must direct all future communication directly to the Prospective Employer (not Mortgage Dog, Inc.) — including any questions, complaints, on-boarding, HR issues, disputes, etc. In the event a Prospective Employer rescinds an Offer Letter, Candidate must direct all future communication directly to Prospective Employer (not Mortgage Dog, Inc.). Candidate also hereby acknowledges State & local laws may change from State to State; therefore, hiring procedures may vary. Candidate understands & agrees that if Mortgage Dog, Inc. requests professional references from Candidate (and checks them), it does not imply or guarantee Candidate will receive a job offer by a Prospective Employer. If Mortgage Dog, Inc. terminates its recruiting agreement with a Prospective Employer, Candidate is still subject to the terms of this Consent Agreement. *
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